Publication list- biosensing

Invited conference presentation

"Development of an active-matrix biosensor array," X. Huang, D. Nguyen, D.W. Greve, and M.M. Domach, invited paper at the Symposium on Dielectrics and the Dielectric-Electrolyte Interface in Biological and Biomedical Applications, Electrochemical Society Fall Meeting (Los Angeles, CA, October 2005).

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Journal publications

"Microelectrode impedance changes due to cell growth: simulation and measurement," X. Huang, D. Nguyen, D.W. Greve, and M.M. Domach, IEEE Sensors Journal 4, 576-83 (2004).

"Fibroblast Proliferation & Effect of Protein Kinase Inhibitor (H-7) Monitored in Microimpedance Sensor Arrays," Duc D. Nguyen, Xiaoqiu Huang, David W. Greve and Michael M. Domach, Biotechnology and Bioengineering 87, 138-144 (2004).

"Monitoring Focal Adhesion Differences Between Cell Lines & Drug Response via Microimpedance Sensor Arrays,”  Duc D. Nguyen, Xiaoqiu Huang, David W. Greve, Michael M. Domach (in preparation).


Conference proceedings

"Impedance Array Studies of Mammalian Cell Growth," Duc D. Nguyen and Michael M. Domach, Xiaoqiu Huang and David W. Greve, (Proceedings of the 2003 AIChE Annual Meeting).

"Impedance based biosensor for monitoring mammalian cell behavior," Xiaoqiu Huang, Duc Nguyen, Michael M. Domach, and David W. Greve, Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 2003 pp. 304-309 (IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, 2003).

"Modeling of impedance of cell-covered electrodes," David W. Greve, Xiaoqiu Huang, Duc Nguyen, and Michael M. Domach, Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 2003 pp. 1358-63 (IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, 2003).

"Impedance-based Biosensors," X. Huang, D.W. Greve, I. Nausieda, D. Nguyen, and M.M. Domach, in Nanoengineered Assemblies and Advanced Micro/Nanosystems, edited by David P. Taylor, Jun Liu, David McIlroy, Lhadi Merhari, J.B. Pendry, Jeffrey T. Borenstein, Piotr Grodzinski, Luke P. Lee, and Zhong Lin Wang (Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 820, Warrendale, PA , 2004), paper O9.7.

D. Nguyen, H. Xiaoqiu, T. Afentakis, M. Hatalis, M. Domach, and D. Greve, "Screening of isolated cells via arrays of impedance sensors," 225th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 23-27, 2003, New Orleans.

X. Huang, I. Nausieda, D.W. Greve, M.M. Domach, D. Nguyen, “Development of Active Matrix Biosensor Array for Cell Screening,” (to be published in Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 2004).